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Lipica open 2022 is over

Big thanks to everyone who took part in this year’s edition of Lipica open as well as all the members of the organizing crew for doing a great job! It was really nice to see so many happy runners in a competition not hindered by Covid measures! Next year, just like always, Lipica open will start on the second weekend of March, 11.03. – 15.03. If everything goes as planned we will deliver some new exciting areas!

Overall results you can find on orienteeringonline and results of Weekend cup are here.

Our main focus for the following months is OOcup. This is a race that we truly look forward to. Yes, it’s far but this unique opportunity is definitely worth the travel. You are most welcome to join us there!

Maps Day 5

We hope you enjoyed your Lipica open 2022!

If you’re interested in more courses, they are here.

Maps Day 4

Yes, we know, today it was rocky..

If you’re interested in other courses, you can temporarily download them here

Maps Stage 3

How did you like forest sprint?

The rest of the maps can be found here for a few more days.

Maps Day 2

Today Dobravlje map was on the menu…

The rest of the maps can temporarily be found here.

Maps Day 1

Today we were on Kazlje map…

The rest of the maps are temporarily uploaded here.

Lipica open starts tomorrow – results, photos maps…

We are ready and we hope that you are too :).

Like always you will find results on OrienteringOnline, if the internet connection allows we will also have Live results. on OrienteeringOnline you can also find updated start lists.

Photos from Saturday and Sunday can be found on our Facebook page.

Maps will be available on this site.

Any important info during the race also on this site and FB page. Stay tuned!

See you soon!

Bulletin and start list

You can download Lipica open 2022 Bulletin here.

The start list is published on OrienteeringOnline. This is also where you should later check for results (including live results), updated start lists etc…

Just few more days 🙂

Lipica open to be organized as planned

As it all seems now we will be able to organize Lipica open 2022. At the moment it is possible to organize a race such as ours and we find it highly unlikely that things would change to worse until early March. Please note that all participants will have to show a valid proof of being vaccinated, recovered or negative tested. We will write more about this later on.

We now published banking details for paying start fees and we kindly ask you to do so if you have entered the race.

There is a small change in program – Long distance will be held on Saturday and Middle on Sunday.

See you.