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Weekend cup is over

Weekend cup is now behind us, thanks to all of you who came for the weekend. Not the easiest Lipica open to organize this year, but we hope that you enjoyed the races and had the safe trip home.

Start lists at

In case you missed the information from our last piece of news; while OrienteeringOnline is down, please use the alternative website for start lists, results etc.:

As for OrienteeringOnline, this is what we got from the server provider:

“An update from the provider: There is a major fibre break which has taken down both physical cables. The provider is onsite accessing damage and starting repair but we do not have an ETA at the moment. Our team is also looking at a solution to move services to another provider in the interim.”

Race info

Lipica open is just about to start.

After each race stage and overall results will be published at the same place as live results: at OrienteeringOnline.
OrienteeringOnline’s server is currently down, we’re working on fixing it, but alternative website for results, start lists etc. is:

Maps will be published after each stage on Livelox.

After each stage we will also publish some nice photos at our Facebook page.

And please keep following this site for any latest updates.

See you soon!

Start lists published

Start lists are now published at OrienteeringOnline. If your name does not appear on the list and you think it should it is probably because we have not received your payment until Friday 01.03. and the entry is not considered as valid. The only exception to this are military teams and Slovenian clubs because of different agreements.


Here is the bulletin! Follow this website for latest information.

Course lengths

You can now see Lipica open 2024 course lengths here.

Visit Vilenica cave on S1!!

The Arena of Stage 1 of Lipica open 2024 will be set right in front of the entrance to Vilenica cave, which is recognized as the first cave ever in the world made accessible to tourists.

After completing the first stage of the Lipica Open, you will have an exceptional opportunity to visit the Cave. If you haven’t done that before, or even if you have, we recommend taking advantage of this opportunity.

The price for a 1-hour guided tour: €12 for adults, €7 for youths, and €6 for children under 14 years old. The tours are scheduled for at 13:00, 15:00, and 16:30 (on Saturday March 9th).

Tickets are available here: Buy Vilenica Tickets. These tours are organized by the Caving Club Sežana.

Below are some photographs that capture the stunning beauty of this natural wonder:

M10 and W10 Sahadowed added

We’re a bit late with this, but this actually promise from the last year. So, we’re introducing MW10 shadowed classes also at Lipica open. In this class kids can be shadowed by adults and they will have separate class from other children who will run on their own. If you plan to accompany your kid please change their class to Shadowed preferably through OrienteeringOnline.

Less than two weeks till 1st deadline

Time flies and there are less than 2 weeks till the first deadline. Currently we’re at already above 350 entries which almost exactly the same as in last year at the same time. That makes us optimistic!

Maps are still being updated and some parts are even being made new. Vilenica map on the first stage will provide with some tricky karst orienteering on the slopes, while Sunday’s long will be a hilly and a tough one, just like the Long should be. After the weekend some diverse orienteering awaits you on maps Kokoš and Prelože-Risnik.

If you’re still looking for some nice accommodation, we can recommend Gostilna Muha in Lokev With the tradition dating back to 1679, this inn has the longest tradition in Kras region!