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First stage is behind us!

The first stage of Lipica open is now behind us and it was really nice to see Arena and so many people in front of Maestoso hotel. Btw. Lipica used to be regular place for Arena in the beginnings of the competition some 20-30 years ago :).

We hope you enjoyed the Stage 1. Radek Novotny, former Czech national team member and the current coach of Austrian national team commented the race:
“Already at the first glance it was wow, this I want to run! Pure navigation challenge in genuine nature. A lot of inspiration, a race where you forget about running. Forces you to make mistakes, but these are only yours because map is perfect. We enjoyed a lot and also had a lot to talk about and to take away with us. Thanks.”

Tomorrow something quite different on the menu. The classical Krajna vas terrain! See you!